New from Symbology: a Printer Applicator for FDA Compliance

FDA compliances are just one of our mid-tier pharmaceutical packaging customers that has four production lines and one test and development line, needed to reduce compliance errors, replace out of service equipment, and reduce labor related to maintenance and human intervention that ensured FDA compliance.
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The customer had multiple compliance issues to solve:

  1. Label data was pulling from multiple databases, causing labeling errors and therefore compliance errors.
  2. Existing equipment was beyond repair.
  3. Human intervention maintaining old equipment and manual FDA compliance.

Barcode Duplicator fda compliance

How the Symbology Enterprises solution helped our customer:

  1. We created a method to consolidate the databases, ensuring that the proper label was applied.
  2. The solution guarantees FDA compliance and allows for UID compliance.
  3. We replaced outdated equipment with modern applicator technology.



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