Upgrade your printer and an all-in-one barcode duplicator solution — no computer required

GX - ZD410 Printers - Barcode Duplicator Solution

Barcode Duplicator Solution Makes Identifying Contents Easy

Any business that repackages products has probably faced the challenge of duplicating barcode labels. Whether you’re fulfilling orders through Amazon or picking small items from their cartons, you need a barcode to identify the contents. Businesses that rely on automated data collection also need to replace damaged UPC labels. Symbology developed a barcode duplicator solution that lets you easily produce these labels—without a computer. Now, we’ve made it even better with a more advanced Zebra printer. You can upgrade your printer and an all-in-one barcode duplicator solution—no computer required.

Barcode Genie Barcode Duplicator Solutions

Our Barcode Genie barcode duplicator solutions use the included Zebra scanner to capture the original barcode. The scanner connects directly to a Zebra thermal printer— which is pre-loaded with the software—that then generates the duplicate barcode label. It’s fast and easy!

GX - ZD410 Printers

We’ve recently expanded the printer options for the Barcode Genie. In addition to the Zebra LP/TLP 2824 Plus, we’re offering Zebra’s ZD410 compact desktop printer, the next generation of barcode label printer with 50% more speed, a productivity booster for high volume label duplication. The ZD410 also includes 512MB of Flash memory and 256 MB SDRAM, significantly more than the TLP2824 Plus’s 4 MB of Flash and 8 MBSDRAM! The new printer is also ENERGY STAR-certified.

The Zebra GX Series desktop printers provide the same benefits of the ZD410, but with standard 300 dpi resolution, a good choice when scanning small barcodes.

Barcode Duplicator Solutions for Everything
Pudget Sound Blood Center - GX - ZD410 Printers - Barcode Duplicator Solution

Use these barcode duplicator solutions in your packing, staging, receiving, and shipping areas, or take it on the road. The Puget Sound Blood Center deployed Barcode Genie in its mobile blood collection centers. See their story here.

Reproducing barcode labels should be a fast an easy task. Symbology’s Barcode Genie gives you a simple, reliable solution. Contact Symbology to experience simplicity, value, and reliability.